The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

buzz from Veta T. Richardson, Association of Corporate Counsel

"Dr. Arin Reeves is someone whom I have long considered the leading mind addressing issues of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. But with this book, Dr. Reeves has transcended the legal profession to squarely establish herself among today's foremost executive management and international business thought leaders. In the 20th Century, Covey taught us the Seven Habits and Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman put us In Search of Excellence. But in the 21st Century, people like Malcolm Gladwell, James Surowiecki, and Jim Collins defined The Tipping Point, The Wisdom of Crowds, and Good To Great, and Dr. Reeves lights a pathway with The Next IQ The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders. And she does so with great stories and practical exercises to put the ideas into action. Great work, Arin!"

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Business Case 3.0

Business Case 1.0:  right thing to do (case for morality)

Business Case 2.0:  business thing to do (case for profit)

Business Case 3.0:  smart thing to do (case for personal excellence)

The Next IQ builds off the Business Case 3.0 framework to offer a completely different way of thinking about leadership, inclusion and intelligence.

(Thanks John!)

-By Arin N. Reeves