The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

buzz from Ruth Ann Gillis, Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Exelon Corporation President, Exelon Business Services Company, Exelon Corporation

“Through a series of thought-provoking lessons, Arin brilliantly challenges us to view intelligence and its potential for a competitive edge in a new way. Her fresh perspective, THE NEXT IQ, is simple and compelling, and essential for learning and leading in a global environment.”

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Business Case 3.0

Business Case 1.0:  right thing to do (case for morality)

Business Case 2.0:  business thing to do (case for profit)

Business Case 3.0:  smart thing to do (case for personal excellence)

The Next IQ builds off the Business Case 3.0 framework to offer a completely different way of thinking about leadership, inclusion and intelligence.

(Thanks John!)

-By Arin N. Reeves