The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

buzz from Diane C. Yu, Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President NYU

"I applaud this provocative, insightful, and perceptive addition to the literature on leadership. It provides an impressive range of thoughtful perspectives and specific strategies from which all concerned leaders, instructors, and students of leadership will benefit."

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This next generation of intelligence is about actively soliciting and then harnessing the power of diverse perspectives that may or may not be rooted in specific individual education, experience and/or expertise.  Product development experts may be the best experts at design, but their ability to design a better cup or a better lid doesn’t necessarily mean that it will occur to them to plug the hole so the coffee stays in the cup while they build a better lid.  Business analysts may be the best experts at showing how cost cutting improves the bottom line, but cost cutting done with a narrow perspective also cuts down on the perspectives that allow you to know and deliver what the customer wants.  The intelligence you need to solve any problem is already available, if you know how to look for it and use it.  Your Next IQ is your ability to seek out that intelligence and include it into how you think, learn and lead.

This book, The Next IQ:


    • Explores how our understandings of intelligence, leadership, and inclusion have evolved and intersected to create a new level of intelligence that is critical for leaders in this new millennium.

    • Explores the global mindset (intellectual Courage, intellectual Openness, intellectual Reflection and intellectual Empathy) and the deliberate intelligence (seek and include diverse and contrasting points of view) necessary to think, learn and lead in the 21st century.

    • Delves into why we tend to not expand the circle of perspectives that can inform our intelligence even when it seems like common sense to do so.

    • Examines why we resist seeking and including diverse and contrasting perspectives even when it is in the best interest of our own intelligence and why leaders in the global marketplace of the 21st century cannot be intelligent if they are not inclusively intelligent.

    • Illustrates how inclusive intelligence in action has dramatic positive impact with examples of how leaders from all walks of life have used collective and inclusive intelligence to transform themselves, their teams, their organizations and even their countries.

    • Underscores how the stickiness of the Retro IQ fights the active engagement of your Next IQ.

    • Presents tested solutions for inclusive intelligence that can be implemented by individual leaders and/or organizations to think, learn, and lead for maximum impact.