The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

buzz from William A. Von Hoene Jr., Executive Vice President, Finance & Legal Exelon Corporation

“The myriad books about leadership, and about diversity and inclusion, can leave one with the sense that all insights on those subjects are exhausted. “The Next IQ” dispels that impression, from the first page to the last. Dr. Reeves draws…

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IQ, Interrupted

“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Research is now starting to illustrate…Read more

The Power of a Hoodie (or the explicit damage of an implicit bias)

How has the tragic death of a black teenager in Sanford, Florida become symbolized by a hoodie – a sweatshirt with a hood that is a wardrobe staple for every high school and college student in America? George Zimmerman –…Read more

IQ vs. Self Discipline – What makes you smarter in the long run?

“We found that self-discipline predicted academic performance more robustly than did IQ. Self-discipline also predicted which students would improve their grades over the course of the school year, whereas IQ did not.” Self-Discipline Outdoes IQ in Predicting Academic Performance of Adolescents.  Angela L. Duckworth and…Read more

The Art of Unlearning

“In some sense our ability to open the future will depend not on how well we learn anymore but on how well we are able to unlearn.”  ~Alan Kay Seeking and integrating diverse perspectives into the ways in which we…Read more

Business Case 3.0

Business Case 1.0:  right thing to do (case for morality) Business Case 2.0:  business thing to do (case for profit) Business Case 3.0:  smart thing to do (case for personal excellence) The Next IQ builds off the Business Case 3.0…Read more