The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

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"Arin Reeves's new book is not just interesting reading, it's essential reading for any leader coping with the information revolution and the rapid pace of 21st century change. Reeves's observations about our interactions -- not just in the workplace, but in society -- are perceptive, enlightening, entertaining, and undeniable. "The Next IQ" is that rare book that combines revelation with practical advice. After reading this book, you will not approach your colleagues or your decisions in the same way."

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About Arin Reeves…

Born in India and raised in India, Libya and Tanzania before arriving in the United States, Arin learned (and forgot and relearned) several languages before she graduated from high school as an English speaking adopted native of Chicago. What stayed with her through the experiences of navigating family scattered across many countries, attending schools taught in various languages and traditions, and forging friendships across different cultures was that different perspectives were not challenges to be overcome but gifts to be treasured. She took these lessons with her as she embarked on her academic and professional endeavors, and she draws on these lessons as she works, writes and lives a life steeped in curiosity about everything and a passion for thinking differently.

Arin studied business at DePaul University’s College of Commerce, attended law school at University of Southern California and received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University. Arin has designed and led several comprehensive research projects on inclusion in the workplace as part of her education career, an adventure she loved enough to entice her to choose a career that integrated the research aesthetics of her doctoral work with the advisory impact of her practice as an attorney.

Arin is the President of the newly formed consulting firm, Nextions, a new way of seeing and doing leadership and inclusion. Prior to her position at Nextions, Arin served as the President of The Athens Group, a consulting firm that specialized primarily on the inclusion aspect of talent management. At The Athens Group, Arin developed and implemented strategic plans and programming (including lectures, presentations, trainings, and dialogue facilitations) on recruitment, retention, attrition, promotion, mentoring, marketing and client development issues in these various arenas, and she has also researched and written on these issues extensively. Prior to The Athens group, Arin served as an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University for several years where she taught classes on law and society, and she also practiced law in Illinois.

Arin has been featured on NPR for her work on women of color in the legal profession and is cited often in online and traditional media as an expert in leadership and inclusion in workplaces. She is a Fellow of Leadership Greater Chicago (class of 2003). In 2010, she was recognized as a Rising Star by the Anti-Defamation League, and her column “Diversity in Practice” (published in Chicago Lawyer Magazine) was recognized by the Herman Kogan Media Awards for excellence in journalism. She also serves on the Boards of Directors of several civic and not-for-profit organizations. Arin lives in Chicago with a husband who has an amazing sense of humor and two children who have unlimited energy. She is an avid amateur photographer and has been “outed” in the Wall Street Journal as a professional addict of all things politics.